Concierge Render by CoreWeave
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Render Server Pricing

GPU Servers

starting at


per GPU per hour

Up to 512 GPUs per job

Powerful servers with top of the line NVIDIA GPUs

Choose from a range of GPUs, including RTX enabled servers

10Gbps connectivity

Equivalent to $0.004/OBh


CPU Servers

starting at


per server per hour

Up to 4,608 CPU cores per job

Intel XEON render optimized servers

Options with up to 248GB of System RAM per server

10Gbps connectivity

Less than $0.01/GHz hour

Blender EEVEE Optimized Servers


per server per hour

Up to 64 servers per job

Blender EEVEE optimized NVIDIA GPU servers


16 vCPU per server

124GB System RAM per server

10Gbps connectivity

As seen in Ducky3D's Abstract Eevee animation in Blender 2.81

Most affordable on the market

Volumetric Purchase Discounts
Purchase Amount $0 - $24.99 $25 - $49.99 $50 - $99.99 $100 - $499.99 Greater than $500
Bonus on Purchase Amount 0% 10% Bonus 15% Bonus 20% Bonus 30% Bonus
Effective Cost per Credit $1.00 $0.90 $0.85 $0.80 $0.70
Effective OctaneBench/hr Pricing $0.004 $0.0036 $0.0034 $0.0032 $0.0028
Concierge Render Credit Discount Bundle
Purchase Amount Bonus on Purchase Amount Effective Cost per Credit Effective OctaneBench/hr Pricing
$0 - $24.99 0% $1.00 $0.004
$25 - $49.99 10% $0.90 $0.0036
$50 - $99.99 15% $0.85 $0.0034
$100 - $499.99 20% $0.80 $0.0032
Greater than $500 30% $0.70 $0.0028

Our Pricing

We believe our pricing model is the best in the industry. Providing unparalleled scale rendering capacity at rock-bottom prices is our "kick-ass feature". We've built our service to be as streamlined and fast as possible so you can focus on your creative process. This includes our pricing policy:

  • Not all renders are alike, and neither is the hardware they should run on. Concierge has the right hardware for you to get your job done quickly and cost-effectively. Whether you need top of the line NVIDIA GPUs, or CPU nodes with lots of system RAM, we've got you covered.
  • All of our render jobs operate under a simple resource consumption pricing model. When your render begins, you are charged based upon the quantity and time of resource consumption for the render.
  • We do not charge for upload time, file storage, download time, or render job propagation tasks. Depending upon the render engine and platform your job uses, the rates per system resource vary.
  • Discounts are available at the time you purchase credits, and scale volumetrically. The more credits you buy, the cheaper they are.

Work Samples


37 seconds $0.04


2 min 53 seconds $0.20


1 min 2 seconds $0.06

Blender 2.81 splash - Eevee rendered

1 min 38 seconds $0.05