Concierge Render by CoreWeave

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1. What is Concierge?

  • Concierge is the white-glove service provided by CoreWeave created for 3D artists with large and complex scenes.
  • Concierge supports Blender 2.79, 2.8, and 2.81 Daily Build.


To check the status of the Concierge Render Services please click here. If you are having issues please contact us. 

2. How do I purchase credits? Will my credits expire?

  •  Do my credits expire?
    • Concierge credits never expire

  • Can I get a discount on credits? 
    • You can receive credit bonuses based upon your credit package. 
      • $25=1.1x credit bonus
      • $50=1.15x credit bonus
      • $100=1.2x credit bonus
      • $500=1.3x credit bonus
  • My account has a negative balance and doesn't work.
    • If you run out of credits, your account becomes locked. Once you purchase more credits your account will be unlocked and you can resume normal account activity.

3. How do I launch a render?

  • Go to File Manager>Add Files>Upload .blend file or Drag and Drop your .blend file into the Upload Manager box on the right-hand side (as shown below) 

  • Once your file has been uploaded click launch render

  • Go to Job Manager

  • You can View Details of the job you are working on from here

4. How do I package my job for Concierge?

  • Open your Blender project
  • Go to File> External Data> Automatically Pack into .blend

5. How can I check if my .blends simulation cache is packed?

  • Go to Edit> Preferences >Keymap> Click Search  
  • Save your settings by clicking the three bars on the lower left-hand side> Save Preference (You may also click the Auto Save Preferences box
  • Then go to Blender>Spacebar>Type: Pack>Click Pack all into .blend>Save

6. My account is locked and I cannot access anything. 

  • Is your credit balance negative? If so, please purchase more credits to reinstate your account. If not, please contact [email protected]

7. My render failed, I want my money back!

  • Should a render for some reason fail, this render will be automatically retried free of charge. If the render still does not succeed, the render will not be charged to the user's account.

8. How do I connect Dropbox with Concierge?

  • You must be a Premium Account Holder(meaning you have spent over $100 in your account lifetime) to access this feature. WE HAVE TEMPORARILY REMOVED THIS RESTRICTION. ALL USERS CAN USE DROPBOX.
  • Your DropBox account can be linked with the Concierge platform. This will allow you to modify assets locally and have them automatically synchronized to Concierge and your render outputs will automatically be downloaded to your computer.

    When using the Dropbox integration, please take care and adhere to the following restrictions:

    • Please put all your source files in the uploads directory. 
    • Do not create any directories or files anywhere outside the uploads directory as these are subject to automatic removal.
    • If you are modifying an existing file allow time for that file to synchronize with Dropbox before launching a new render.

9. Can I upload a .zip file?

  • Users can now upload assets and baked caches as a ZIP file via our drag and drop interface. 
    • The user will be given the option to browse this zip file and start renders from any bundled .blend files.
    • Zip Files can also have nested directories.
  • For large assets and bake caches we recommend our DropBox synchronization option.

10. How do I render smoke or fluid simulations?

  1. Create a folder
  2. Save the .blend into that folder
  3. Set the folder as the destination for the cache
  4. Bake the simulation
  5. Make all paths relative
  6. Save the .blend again
  7. Zip the folder
  8. Drag& Drop the .zip into the file manager
  9. Launch Render

11. My project won't upload?

  • Please make sure that your Blend file ends with .blend 
    • If your file saves as a .blend1 please rename the file and remove the 1 at the end of the filename
  • If you have extensive textures or many assets please connect DropBox to your Concierge Render account. 

12. Alembic Files

  • All Alembic(ABC files) must be in the same folder, if you have multiple folders your ABC file will not be read properly. Please keep all files within the same folder. 

        Additional Information 

Data retention policy

CoreWeave stores assets and render outputs indefinitely for active users with a minimum account balance of $50. Accounts with lower balance will have assets and outputs cleared 30 days after render completion.

Supported platforms

Concierge currently supports Blender with the Cycles rendering engine. Support for more platforms is being developed. If you are interested in utilizing another platform with Concierge Render, please reach out to [email protected].

Thank you for using CoreWeave