Concierge Render by CoreWeave

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Animated Character

What’s next for Concierge users

Since CoreWeave’s acquisition of Concierge in 2019, the team has been dedicated to enhancing our online rendering service for artists. We’ve been blown away by the incredible work this community has created, and we want to continue to support your work with an enhanced online rendering tool that offers greater control, support, and visibility.

What will replace concierge render

Last year, CoreWeave acquired Conductor Technologies, a cloud platform that provides an elevated rendering solution for creators that use Blender, Autodesk Maya and 3ds Max, Maxon’s Cinema 4D, Foundry’s Katana and Nuke, Adobe After Effects, and SideFX’s Houdini.

What are the differences between Conductor and Concierge?

It’s the same cost and compute accessibility you get with Concierge today but with more tools at your fingertips.

The Conductor platform provides studios:

  • Greater data visibility into renders
  • Enhanced cost controls including cost thresholds
  • Integrations with many industry-standard DCC’s
  • Dynamic feedback when jobs are running resulting in quick troubleshooting
  • Support for the latest versions of Blender, Maya, Houdini, Cinema4D, and more

A smooth transition for existing Concierge users.

Do I get to keep my credits in Concierge Render?

While the platform is changing, our goal remains the same: To continue serving you in your creative projects.

Users with $.01 -$100 credit left in their Concierge account will automatically receive $100 of free credits when you create your Conductor account by May 13th 2024.

Have more than $100 in credits in your Concierge account? Our support team will work with you post sign-up for Conductor to ensure your Concierge credits get transferred over to your new Conductor account.